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Emergency Planning Management

The Public Health Service Council of Ohio (PHSCO) offers various emergency planning services that promote readiness and flexibility in both your personal and professional life.

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant (PHEP) Support Services


Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Support Services


Emergency Readiness and Management Services

Resources and Updates


Coming Soon!

PHSCO is always looking for more ways to help the community.

Here are some future services to look forward to: Hazard & Risk Assessment, Safety Planning, Training & Education, Emergency Readiness Review, Quality Improvement Planning, & Data Collection.

  • What does an Emergency Planner do?
    Emergency Planners are specialists in developing plans, policies, guidance, training, education, communications, & operational capacity. These individuals are project managers that help design exercises & support responses, provide grant assistance, and coordinate emergency readiness activities.
  • What does PHSCO stand for?
    Public Health Services Council of Ohio. ​ Learn more in our About Us section.
  • What is a council of government (COG)?
    Councils of Governments (COGs) are organizations that represent member local governments (like counties). As a whole, COGs provide support to their members by providing services and assistance. Services offered are determined by the COG and members, and can relate to concerns found in many locations. ​ Learn more on the Ohio Auditor's website.
  • How many health departments are part of PHSCO?
    As of January 2022, there are five health departments that are an active part of PHSCO.
  • Can I join PHSCO?
    Yes. Look at our Careers section if you would like to view current open positions. Contact Us if you would like to know more about joining as a health department.

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