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Your Questions Answered

  • What does PHSCO stand for?
    Public Health Services Council of Ohio. ​ Learn more in our About Us section.
  • Who is PHSCO?
    PHSCO is the Public Health Services Council of Ohio, the state’s only public health Regional Council of Governments. It was established in 2017 after three years of research among interested local health districts in Northwest Ohio. While the original focus was on providing accreditation support, emergency planning management, and epidemiology services to its member agencies, PHSCO is now expanding to provide a greater array of affordable shared public health services. These expanded offerings are intended to assist local public health districts in ensuring their residents receive high-quality foundational public health services, equating to healthier communities across Ohio.
  • Why was PHSCO established?
    PHSCO members recognize that they share a common desire to provide the best possible public health services in their respective counties, but resources often limit their ability to provide all foundational public health services. They determined that viable solutions could be achieved by collaborating with one another to ensure their respective counties’ residents' benefit and are better served.
  • What is a council of governments (COG)?
    Councils of Governments (COGs) are organizations that represent member local governments (like local health districts) under the authority of Chapter 167 of the Ohio Revised Code. As a whole, COGs provide support to their members by providing services and assistance. Services offered are determined by the COG and its members, and they can relate to concerns found in many locations across the state. PHSCO members selected the COG structure because it allows them to retain their own identities while gaining opportunities to expand the provision of foundational public health services to their residents. ​ Learn more on the Ohio Auditor's website.
  • How many health departments are part of PHSCO?
    As of January 2022, there are five health departments that are an active part of PHSCO.
  • Can I join PHSCO?
    Yes. Look at our Careers section if you would like to view current open positions. Contact Us if you would like to know more about joining as a health department.
  • What kinds of services can PHSCO provide?
    The array of shared services that PHSCO offers is determined by its members and leadership. Accreditation, emergency planning management, and epidemiology support were the initial services to its member agencies. PHSCO is preparing to offer a greater array of affordable shared public health services that are based upon 1) the needs identified by local health districts in Ohio, and 2) the viability of filling these needs with shared service arrangements. These expanded services are intended to help local public health districts fill their foundational public health service capacity gaps- both in foundational capabilities and foundational areas. If you’d like to suggest a shared service that PHSCO should consider offering, please contact Executive Director Anne Goon at or (419) 553-4316.
  • What kinds of employment opportunities are possible with PHSCO?
    PHSCO can offer part-time and full-time, direct and contractual, employment opportunities, depending upon the type of shared service and the demand/need for the service. Employment is hybrid in nature, with individuals working from home except when on-site services are needed or required. For services warranting a full-time employment arrangement, PHSCO offers competitive wages and benefits, including participation in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) and health insurance coverage. Travel reimbursement and training are also provided. PHSCO is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in employment decisions based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, military status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. If you’re interested in talking about employment opportunities with PHSCO, please contact Executive Director Anne Goon at or (419) 553-4316.
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